Tribute to Ali

Danser Llewellyn Mnguni og kunstner Ahmed Umar viser «Tribute to Ali» på Galleri Format i Oslo lørdag 13. mai.


Danser Llewellyn Mnguni og kunstner Ahmed Umar viser «Tribute to Ali» på Galleri Format i Oslo lørdag 13. mai.

Om «Tribute to Ali» skriver Ahmed Umar:

«Ali Ahmed AlMustafa's life is one of obscure parts of my family's history. He was the youngest uncle of my mother whom the voices often lowered when he was mentioned in the family conversations. Known for his intellegence and his rapidly shifting temperament, Ali was accused of being smitten with devils that took control over his acts when he was under a seizure. He was held for years within the family mosque for spiritual healing, by recitation of the Holy Qur'an. I saw him a couple of times in my whole life, in both I was a little child. The last time I was presented to him, my family and I sat the floor of the Chalipha (the highest religious figure in the region), who was also Ali's uncle. Meager, handcuffed and with his both feet chained, Ali entered the room to greet us. He was mentally present and acknowledged that I became a boy. Ali died two years ago, at the mosque, after at least fifteen years of imprisonment. I dedicate this performance to freeing the spirit of Ali.»

Om utøverne:

Llewellyn Mnguni (b. 1988) is a South-African ballet,contemporary dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. He graduated from the University of Cape Town. He has worked with many choreographers and danced with companies such as Bovim Ballet Company, New World Dance Theatre and Dance Factory in SA. He also recently performed in Giselle at Dansens Hus, Oslo.

Ahmed Umar (b. 1988) is a multi-disciplinary artist who came to Norway in 2008 as a political refugee. His practice is strongly influenced by the themes of his upbringing and his experiences of living in a society structured by religion. He is currently participating in the group exhibition Resilience in Galleri Format.

Forestillingen «Tribute to Ali» er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Llewellyn Mnguni og Ahmed Umar.

«Tribute to Ali», lørdag 13. mai, kl. 16, Galleri Format, Rådhusgaten 24, Oslo.